Get to know us:


What shall we do about
Fake News? Fake News
spread lies and etc online &
offline. Seriously, Fake
News can destroy life &
lives if we did not react.



We are a leader in the North American Home-Based Business
Opportunities Providers'
Industry since April 1990 has been a registered domain & active since 2004.
40 secrets to get income legally.


We are not bullies. We are not child molesters & child or adult rapist or
predators. We never drag. We don't run Pimp & Broody houses and etc.


We are never fraud artists. Our business plan has always been legit
and can withstand the test of our Court system
and we have NEVER
gone legally bankrupt on anyone since 1990. That means,
no one has REALLY lost money with us yet, it can still be paid back
(if anyone is owed)


We are like you. Honest, Hard working and Law abiding...and we
fear GOD.
Please don't let them tarnish us with fake child rapists and
other bad stories and etc.


Yes, we are popular but not for those bad purposes and habits

No amount of gossip, trash talk, lies and fake news feed would tarnish us.




We are 100% a legit company with nothing to hide.

No greasy-hair pimps, No pimps. No male or female drag
hookers here; never. No child rapists or child predators or
child molesters. No male filthy ass-prostitution, dirty drag
here, never. No lewd conducts and No sexually incarcerated
offenders here.

No male or female homosexual gay prostitute nor gay
prostitution business here. Never!

Never before. Never now & never forever. We don't
gay 'drag' hooker for money as a business.


Evil doers wanted to tarnish our reputation & our image
by secretly calling us all sort of bad names including
Child molesters & male hookers.

How deplorable? Shame on them

All fake news, lies & rumors like that should stop for God's sake




Warning: Please let all jerks respect themselves. If they
keep posting lies online and spreading lies rumor on the
street, if caught, they would face arrest & litigations and be
publicly disgraced for shamelessly telling horrible lies .


or do they need psychiatric help? They should go
get some, otherwise,
they should respect themselves. No

No amount of gossip, trash talk, lies and fake news feed would tarnish us.






At first, we ignored them. Then they started telling people NOT TO DO BUSINESS
WITH or don't associate yourself with A CHILD PREDATORS, RAPISTS, COMPANY

NOW, we responded to say we were a decent company. NO DRAGS, NO RAPISTS,
Then they started telling people that we were too CONTROVERSIAL


Remember that they were the ones who has caused the controversy
(which we replied to) to begin with or originally.


Furthermore, nothing was really openly controversial, they were all
rumors & secret talks. They kept secrets in people's hands but those

Some lies were even posted online by them

They approached people and asked them. Can you keep a secret? if the
person say yes, then they'll just tell the lies & say. Please keep it secret.

As you can see, their aim & tricks were to make people isolate and dislike us.

Intellectual people are now saying that it is best for us to respond and sue those
liars aggressively. Otherwise, they'll be SECRETLY driving decent people away
from us




What is not right is not right. They cannot keep going around
telling people lies (against innocent people) and be telling them to
keep the lies secret.


We were never hurting and molesting children, we are not rapist
(adult or child) rapists. We weren't bully. We don't drag hook. They just wanted to make you hate us.


We are reporters & publishers and we have NO SEXUAL SECRETS
to hide.


Note: Make it an open matter. If you hear any rumor, please don't
keep it secret.






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